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The ones remained in heaven

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Heard a news today. 'Lightning Crashes' by Live played in my head. Heard it a thousand times. Now it's like it's playing on a thousand stereo all at once.

A close sister had just experienced stillbirth very close to full term. It's hard to put into words the thoughts and feeling that's going through me. But what about the ones she's feeling? I could throw in a thousand and it would have, all, fallen short.

There is no bond on earth that is closer than that between a mother and the baby inside her womb. A bond she feels before anyone can ever know. Not even to those she holds close. Movements and developments that only she can feel. The ones that dictates her hormones and her emotions. The ones that makes her smile her secret smiles and cries her silent tears of joy.

As time passes, the bond grows stronger. She thinks of names for her baby. Calling the baby by different names and waits for a response and have multiple one way conversations with the baby. She puts herself second. She eats even when every bite makes her sick. She moves to even when she had to force every single step. In body and mind, the baby comes first. Come what may.

Then one day, the tiny heart stops. No more fluttering. No more kicks. The smile disappears.Tears of joy turns to those of grief and sadness. No one can imagine how she's feeling. Nobody who has never experienced stillbirth can.

But to all those who have gone through the same, I can only say this. God's infinite mercy is upon you all. You are a mother and the baby is your child, regardless. It's just that the baby is among the ones remained in heaven.

Peacefully waiting for you.🌹

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