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Let's Go Pahang

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

There's much to write about this state that borders the most state in Malaysia. Pahang Darul Makmur is one of 13 blessed states in Malaysia. This particular write up is a shout out for a small town not far from Kuantan.

Though small in area and population size, this town played an important part Malaysia's rich history.

The name, literally translates into 'spear river'. Though a spear is a weapon of war, neither of the 2 popular versions of the name's origin involves conflicts. It is also nicknamed 'el dorado of the east' due to its richness in natural resources.

Tin was the reason for it's first glory. It became a bustling town when they discovered tin and it became one of the earliest developed town in Malaya at the time. It had roads, schools, shops and more. But then the mining stopped. Livelihoods lost. And more than a few lives too.

Lucky for us, it got its second glory when the goverment turned it into a tourist hot spot. What building was left was restored. Amenities added to make it comfy for visitors. It's nosatalgia meets nature here at the modern day Sungai Lembing.

There are a few accommodations to choose from. Casa Hill Resort and TBox just to name a couple. Be sure to make reservations to avoid sleeping in the car.

Take a stroll around town and admire the century old buildings. Visit the museum to learn more about the history of the area. And while you are there, take time to visit the nearby panorama hill and Air Terjun Pelangi.

Start your day early to catch the sunrise on top of Panorama Hill. But if you're not the morning type, the sunset is captivating as well. Though it's only about 270m high, at the right time, you'd be looking down on the clouds enshrouding the surrounding rainforest.

I'd say the hike up is easy trail but it really is stair climbing. Just pack your water bottle and some snacks and take it one step at a time.

Last but not least, complete your visit here at Air Terjun Pelangi. Literally translated, it means rainbow waterfall. I like to call it 'spectrum falls'. Either one gives away the reason for its name. The river falls about 250m down onto solid rock creating mist and spatter.

The sunlight refracted by the tiny water droplets are separated into different colours of the spectrum to give you the rainbows. You'd catch one from different angles. But only at the appropriate time of the day. So be sure to start early. You don't get a huge window for the sun to hit the waterfall just right. Plus there's the little noob level hike to get to the site. After the photo session, take a dip in the river to cool off. It is so worthwhile.

So make plans to visit Sungai Lembing to learn about its history and also have fun in nature. The forest here is one with biodiversity and the town full of history. Welcome to the place that'll keep you busy. With fun and learning. See you there soon!


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