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Minah Travel Takes You to Kuala Kangsar, Perak

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

What would anyone typically think of about Kuala Kangsar? Or as the locals simply call it Kuala.

Most would know that it is the royal town of Perak state. Most would have also visited the Ubudiah Mosque which is over a century old and Istana Kenangan which was formerly the royal palace, circa 1930s, and presently the Royal Museum of Perak.

Though these 2 sites are must-visits when one is in Kuala, there is more to Kuala than these 2 state heritages. Check out 15 must-sees and must-dos when you are in Kuala and the nearby Lenggong.


1. Victoria Bridge

You can tell by the name that this was built by the Brits back when they were occupying Malaya. Built in circa 1900 makes it the oldest steel bridge of any kind in Malaysia. But its real purpose was a crossing for a railway track.

Though it is no longer in use, the bridge is now only open to pedestrian. It was given a heritage listing and turned into a tourist hot spot.

Hanging about 12m above the Perak river and 353m long, walking across this bridge gives you time to reflect on a lot of things. Life. Love. But as you reflect, don't forget to marvel at the construction of this century old Warren truss design bridge.

Drop by at sunset and you could take home with you pictures that makes the long walk worth while.


2. Stay at D'village Hotel

After the 700 odd meter walk on Victoria Bridge, you will not regret having booked to stay at this hotel. It is just next to the bridge.

This hotel is just like any other hotels with their coffee house and halls. What makes this one unique is its design, layout, decor and ambience.

The architecture softly combines natural, old and modern elements in the design with a touch of memorabilias of yesteryear in all the right places. The result? You get the calm welcoming village ambient on the outside and a modern slightly chic feel inside your room. Meals are even served according to the Malay tradition.


3. Try Kuih Karas

This traditional crunchy snack is popular Malaysia wide. But there is a pleasant uniqueness to the ones made and sold here in Kuala.

You really have to try it yourself and find out what makes it so popular.

If you are staying at D'village Hotel, you can get some right there at the shop.


4. Labu Sayong

Labu is an earthenware urn used to store water and Sayong is place near Kuala. I guess it is no secret that Sayong is famous for making Labu.

Water stored in Labu Sayong stays cool and healthy due to the mineral rich clay they use to make them.

In Kuala, KZ Kraf Enterprise is one of the prominent producers of this product. This going concern has lasted 3 generations and still going strong. When you do the same thing day in day out for a long time, you are bound to produce good products. The fact that they regularly export their product to Europe is a testament to their achievement.

Observe the process involved in making Labu Sayong, learn new things and of course get one or 2 for yourself to take home.


5. Rebana Perak

Rebana Perak is a traditional musical instrument normally used in the palace for festivities. You could tell by the name that it is unique to the Perak state.

Here in Kuala, En Mohd Sapri of Sentuhan Rebana Asli Warisan (SRAW) welcomes you to his home with open arms and a wide smile and explains the process involved in making a rebana while you watch him go through the process. This rebana enthusiast also holds classes that teach people how to play it. Apart from being recognized as a rebana expert, he also makes beduk which is another musical instrument much like the rebana, only much bigger.


6. Homestay Labu Kubong

Voted the best homestay in Malaysia in 2016 and 2017, you will find it as no surprise once you step onto the property. Relax and take in the view of paddy fields or get yourself into one of these activities offered on site.

  • Hop on the golf cart and the owner/operator takes you around the property. There are fruit orchards with lots of local fruit trees which you are allowed to pick and eat when in season. When it comes to durian season, you get to book your stay to include a durian package for up to 6-7 people.

There's also kelulut ( a type stingless bee) honey farm where you can check out the operation and see how the honey is collected. It is a lot different than the normal honey bees.

  • In September, there is a sort of folk sports festival they named 'sukan rakyat'. It is a traditional activity where men and women get to compete in events to test and show their strength.

  • After the paddy fields are harvested and the planting season is over, they hold a kite flying festival.

  • Or if you are an outdoors person, you can just take a hike through the village and up the nearby hills.


7. Teratak Warisan Kampung restaurant

Have a meal or 2 at this well known and busy eatery. It is quite popular even with local dignitaries. I guess that is the result of good food and service.

This restaurant serves traditional Malay food. Some of them are the kinds that even some locals have never even heard of and you only get to eat when they come here.

If u need a little more persuading, this restaurant was voted best Malay food restaurant in 2017 and has since been covered by the media over and over again.


8. Lembah Lenggong Gallery of Archeology

Here is where Perak Man was discovered. Well, the fossilized skeletal remains to be exact.

This is a huge discovery in the field of archeology. So much so that the site was given recognition by UNESCO.

It is, by far, the most complete skeletal remain from the paleolithic age ever found in the entire region. It is believed that the Perak Man roamed the area circa 11000 years ago.

Drop by this place to learn more about Perak Man and more. They are open from 9am to 5pm daily.

9. Bukit Jawa

This hill holds an important site to Malaysian archeological studies. Many discoveries here gives insight to the way things were in Malaysia during the paleolithic age.

Do give these 2 numbers a buzz to visit this site.

Ms Zuraini Zamri of the National Heritage Department @ +6019-567 2455 and / or:
R&R Raja Muda Tourism Information Centre @ +605-7512350

10. Bukit Bunuh

About 1.83 million years ago, a meteorite fell from the sky and crashed at this site. You can find suevites, quartzites and other metamorphic rocks that was formed by the effect of meteorite impact.

This is also the oldest paleolithic site outside Africa and has been listed and recognised by UNESCO. It is worth a visit.


11. Gua Kajang

This is a limestone cave formation inside Bukit Kepala Gajah. Evidence was found that suggest that it was used as shelter and burial chambers during the neolithic and paleolithic age.

From certain angles inside the cave you can see formation that looks like a T-rex's head and a buffalo.

You can also see a cave entrance in the shape of a heart. Maybe that's the entrance for the honeymooners at the time.

Who knows?


12. Homestay Rumah Tiang 16

This house was built to the typical Malay design of Perak. It used to be that houses here were built with wood, suspended on columns.

Then, as the family expands, they added the area underneath with the lower part being constructed with bricks and mortar and typical wood on top of it.

Step one foot on to the property and the friendly owner will welcome you with a true Malay style of old. Open arms, wide smile and Malay poetic verses called 'pantun'.

Though the house, or parts of it, might be older but inside the house seems to have remained stuck in the 80s. Some of the items used as decor might just tunnel you back to a much simpler time.


13. Kebebe Cafe

They named it after a traditional dipping that is said to have been originally concocted over 200 years ago.

So you know you are in for a traditional gastronomical surprise.

The specials here is the 'setalam' RM 25.00' deal. That word 'setalam' means platter. So you get a smorgasbord of traditional dishes with rice for the said price.

It is enough to satire your gastronomical curiosity for the day. Or not. But you can always order 2.


14. Kiah Pekasam

Pekasam is type of protein preservation technique or style that is used in Malaysia. Though it is not restricted to any types of protein, it is normally used with fishes (ikan).

Kiah Pekasam is a concern that has been in the business of making 'ikan pekasam' for long enough to have perfected the technique and flavour.

It is so successful that it exports its product to parts of Asia, Middle East and even Europe. Come visit to watch and learn the process involved in producing this product.

What made its popularity really soared was when it was used as a setting in a popular local telefilm. That was when it became a local household name.

If you would like to try this delicacy, go for the popular fish called 'loma'. It will give your taste buds a little surprise.


15. Hutan Lipur Lata Kekabu

This is a forest reserve that has a part of it gazetted as a nature park and picnic area. Malaysian forest is one of the oldest in the world and listed as one of 17 most biodiversed in the world. So you know you are in for a treat.

Go hiking and wonder at nature or take a dip in the river to relieve yourself from the heat and humidity. There is a 4m high waterfall that is popular with visitors and a cable suspended bridge to help you catch a view, if the running water fails to entice.

To make things easy for visitors, this site is set complete with amenities and even a few air conditioned wooden chalets if you would like to stick around for a bit.

**For inquiries or tour arrangement, contact us for reference of travel agents 😊


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