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It is the largest landlocked country in the world though it has a 'coastline' where it meets the Caspian Sea (note that the Caspian Sea is actually a lake). It has some similarities with Georgia (see our post on Georgia). It has a long and rich history, was part of the Soviet Union and , though only for a tiny part of it, it is a country on 2 continents. The most of it is in Central Asia and the tiny bit is in Europe.

Its landscape is a mix of flat grass lands, meadowy hills, snow capped mountains, coniferous forrests, rocky canyons, deltas, rivers and lakes, and even desert. You could probably guess from the mixed landscpe that Kazakhstan is a huge country. Well, it is. It's listed as the 9th biggest country according to size.

However, with a population of less than 19 million people means that Kazakhstan has one of the lowest population density in the world. Would it be a good idea to relocate to Kazakhstan, MT wonders?

Hearing its name for the first time, one would picture Kazakhstan as one of those places where modernisation skipped. But nothing could be farther than the truth. The capital, Nur Sultan, is one of the most advanced cities in Central Asia. Kazakhstan growth, economically, is due to it being one if the biggest producers of oil and gas in the world.

But what we really want to capture here is the natural beauty of Kazakhstan. Let's put it in simple perspective. Visit one area and it's like you're in the Sound of Music. Go to another and you could yodel like you just don't care. Yet another place could make you feel like you're on Tatooine ( without Jabba, thank God).

What about food and culture? Well, with an open mind and an adventurous tummy, one would never be disappointed. Kazakhstan is rich in in these two areas due to its long history of nomads, conquerors and traders going in and out and passing through it. You'd find some similarities with their neighbours but, as its been said before, when you have a long history you'd have had time to hone everything to your desired perfection.

Is Kazakhstan worthy of a spot on your to go list? Without a shadow of a doubt. Unwind and discover yourself there. Take every bit of it in, for it shall not disappoint.


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