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Angel in the wrong place

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

School, tea parties, play dates or just simple fun times with friends playing hide and seek. Some of the things every 8 year olds are supposed to spend time doing.

Yet there are too many of them who are forced into labour or, in some cases, worse. It's too easy for us to turn a blind eye. But a problem tucked away remains a problem. And it can only get worse.

MT says that children should be nurtured and not tortured. In the case of Zohra Shah, it is absolutely against any level of basic human decency what was done to her. She's a beautiful princess who did nothing more than gave freedom to a couple of birds. She doesn't even deserve a slap on the wrist, let alone to lose her precious life in such a way.

Let us all stop oppressions whenever possible. At least have contempt as the least we can do. Take a moment of silence and prayers to those who have gone through such atrocity.


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