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An Eid to Remember

Hari Raya has always been a big celebration in Malaysia. It's much like Christmas, Chinese New Year and Deepavali. Here in Malaysia everyone celebrates these holidays by spending time with loved ones, extended families and friends.

These are the times when the majority of city dwellers pack up and leave the concrete jungle for a short stay back to where their families are. Quite a few are still lucky enough to have a 'kampung'to go back to. This is where their parents and even some families still live. The air is fresher, the ambience is calm and serene and the food is nostalgic.

It's that time of the Muslim lunar year again. The day that marks the end of a month of discipline and steadfastness. A celebration of victory in the perennial struggle to be the best one can be.

Starting last year, it was a bit different. With the outbreak of the covid-19 forced the government to enforce RMO. Everyone is stuck at home to control the rate of outbreak. That made things a lot different for everyone.

Ramadan is normally alive with worshippers filling up mosques at night. Daily night markets everywhere selling all sorts of merchandises. People busy shopping for new clothes and decorating their houses in preparation for eid.

But the 'restricted movement order' forced a lot of changes this year. It has taken a toll on everything. Business operations had to close and a lot of people are affected economically.

Let us all pray that this will soon be over and may we can celebrate our Ramadan and Raya just like before. #missingtheoldRaya