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Get to know this Singaporean Malay flight attendant

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Amira is a Singaporean malay flight attendant, although it has never been in her plans to be one. She graduated studying life sciences and had worked in a 8-6 corporate job in the government sector and also went on a working holiday visa to Australia.

During her flying days, she had the opportunity to experience different cultures, try a variety of food and forge new friendships with people from all over the world. Her favourite country so far has always been (and will always be) Australia, and her recommended Muslim-friendly place to visit for travellers is Japan.

One of her most funny moments while working as a cabin crew was one time, a drunk pax wanted to open the cabin door in the middle of a long flight from Germany to Singapore and many times actually so the people around him complained. we checked up on him every 10 minutes . Another memory that was memorable when she got the opportunity to sit on the cockpit/flight deck during takeoff and landing. At that time it was a flight to Chiang Mai, the skies were so so clear and she could see the gorgeous and stunning mountain

Now that a lot of her flights are grounded in her country, she is helping out in the social service ministry, creating content for her travel Instagram, TikTok and blog, as well as starting her freelance writing Zoom webinar classes online for millennials!

Want to know more about Amira and ask her on working experience?

Check out her Instagram, TikTok and website



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