The ladies behind Minah Travel

They are not just 2 ordinary ladies from the suburbs.


Hardworking and dedicated, Husna runs a travel agency in Negeri Sembilan and Dinah has a kitchen cabinet business in Selangor.

They first met on a famtrip, organised by a local tourism development department to promote little known places in Malaysia. Their passion for travel and tourism is what brought these 2, not so ordinary, ladies together. This, however, was only the beginning of a fruitful and meaningful friendship.

It was after the trips are over that they got together on a fateful day to discuss on a different matter. It is serendipity that they decided to combine their knowledge and passion and this was when Minah Travel was born. They wanted to share knowledge and information relating to travel on social media.

They also aspire to inspire and empower young ladies out there, especially, the Malaysian ladies. To the modern ladies, the world shall be their oyster, and they seize the day in a dignified and graceful girl power fashion.

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Stay safe everyone.


" Everything in moderation and everything will go a long way."

Minah Travel